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BitTorrent Copyright Litigation

BitTorrent Copyright LitigationOver the past few years our legal system has witnessed a flood of civil lawsuits alleging that Internet users have committed copyright infringement through use of the BitTorrent file sharing software.

While some of the copyright holders filing these lawsuits are responsible for creating the content alleged of being infringed, others are opportunistic entities that obtain and enforce copyrights for the sole purpose of making money through aggressive litigation. Because of this, the plaintiff in BitTorrent Copyright Litigation is sometimes referred to a copyright troll.

These copyright holders hire “experts” to monitor popular BitTorrent websites for their content and record the Internet Protocol address (or “IP address”) of Internet users who are allegedly sharing it. An IP address is a specific and unique series of numbers assigned to each Internet subscriber by his or her Internet Service Provider (or “ISP”), such as Comcast, Verizon, Cox Communications, Bright House, CenturyLink, AT&T, etc. Sometimes all of the BitTorrent activity a targeted IP address will be monitored for months so that the plaintiff can stack its claims of copyright infringement.

The copyright holders then retain law firms to file lawsuits against one or more Jon Doe Defendant identified by a targeted IP address. They then issue a subpoena to the John Doe’s ISP seeking the disclosure of the John Doe’s personally identifying information so that he or she can be contacted with a settlement demand or pursued in litigation. ISPs are typically required to notify the John Doe by mail before disclosing their contact information, and that’s where the BitTorrent litigation defense process begins.

Stages of BitTorrent Copyright Litigation

  1. The Subpoena Notice
  2. Pre-Litigation
  3. Litigation

Common Plaintiffs in BitTorrent Litigation

Our Copyright Defense Attorneys Can Help

BitTorrent Litigation Defense AttorneysWhile other attorneys may handle only a few cases involving BitTorrent copyright litigation, we have represented hundreds of defendants in these cases. We can attempt to protect our clients’ privacy by filing motions to quash, motions to sever, and motions to issue protective orders. We aggressively advocate for our clients during litigation, and if our clients choose to settle, we make sure that they don’t spend one dollar more than is necessary. We work tirelessly to fight copyright trolls and serve our clients to the best of our abilities.

If you have received a subpoena notice from your Internet Service Provider or if you have received a demand letter from a copyright troll, you should contact us right away. Your rights may depend on swift legal action!


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